Persia Older Than History - A chronological history of Iran

History Of IRAN

Iran, long known to the world as Persia, has been a constant source of fascination to the outsider for over two and a half millennia. This is not without good reason. Few countries in the world have been known to embrace as many civilizations and peoples as history of  Iran, a fact that has earned the country the title "melting pot of civilizations".
With the vast heritage entrusted to us comes the responsibility of finding ways of guarding these cultural values, and identifying optimal ways of presenting them.

Some Information about:Iran's  historical dynasties,

Achaemenians   Alexander and the Seleucids   Parthians   Sassanians   Advent of Islam    Moslems Conquest   Umayyads   Abbasids    Saljuqs     Mongols   Timurids   Safavids  Afsharids and Zands  Qajars   Pahlavis Hostage Crisis