English-Persian Iran Travel Phrasebook

The Iranian people are naturally kind, hospitable and generous. Despite any preconceptions built up by the Western media, Iran is also a very safe country to visit. Tourism is now a well-accepted and welcome industry in Iran and, provided you stick to the local customs and show respect when visiting holy places, you will never be made to feel unwelcome. Although more and more travelers are visiting Iran each year, foreigners are still a novelty: you'll find that the Iranians are surprisingly interested in you.No cause for alarm - it's only because they genuinely want to talk to you, or practice their English on you. In rural areas non-English speakers will still take a hearty interest in you. Fortunately your guide can always interpret, which makes conversation with the locals possible but if you don't have your guide we recommend you this page!


Farsi / Iranian Phrases Transliteration



Good Morning!

Sobh Be Kheyr!

Good Evening!

Asr be kheyr!

Welcome! (to greet someone)

Khosh Amadid!

How Are You?

Shoma chetur hastin?

You Are Welcome

Khahesh Mikonam

Hey! Friend!

Hey! Refigh!

I Missed You So Much!

Delam barat kheyli tang shodeh

Can You Help Me?

Shoam mitooni ke komakam konid

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?

(dashtshooi/darookhaneh) kojast?

Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right!

Mostaghim boro ba’ad be Chap/ rast bepich

I'm Looking For John.

Man Donbale john migardam

One Moment Please!

Yek lahzeh lotfan

Hold On Please! (phone)

Yek lahzeh lotfan

How Much Is This?

Gheymatesh chand ast?

Excuse Me ...! ( to ask for something)


Excuse Me! ( to pass by)


Come With Me!

Ba man bia

Personal Info:


Do You Speak (English/ Farsi)?

Aya shoma (Engilisi/Farsi) harf mizanid

Just a Little.


What's Your Name?

Esm e shoma chist?

My Name Is ….

Esm e man?

Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…

Agha , Khanoom

I’m (American)

Man America i hastam

Where Do You Live?

Shoma koja zendegi mikonid?

How Do You Say "Problem" In Farsi?

“moshkeli” be engilisi chi misheh?

How Do You Say "Please" In Farsi?

Shoma “please” ro be farsi chi migin?

What Is This?

In chieh?

My Farsi Is Bad.

Farsi e man bad ast

I need to practice my Farsi

Man bayad farsi ro bishtar tamrin konam

Don't Worry!

Negaran nabashid

Expressions & Words:


Good/ Bad/ So-So.

Khoob/ bad/ motavaset

Big/ Small

Bozorg/ khoochak

Today/ Now

Emrooz/ A’alan

Tomorrow/ Yesterday

Farad/ dirooz

Yes/ No

Baleh/ nakheyr

Here You Go! (when giving something)


Do You Like It?

Khoshet miad?

I Really Like It!

Vaghe’an azash khosham miad

I'm Hungry/ Thirsty.

Man (goshneh/ Teshneh) am

In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night.

Sobh/ asr/ shab

This/ That. Here/There

In/ a’an. Inja/ A’anja

Me/ You. Him/ Her.

Man/ to. Oo/ Oo (Him & Her are same)




Negah kon!

Hurry Up!

Ajaleh kon!

What? Where?

Chi? Koja?

What Time Is It?

Sa’at chand ast?

It's 10 o'clock. 07:30pm.

Sa’at dah. hafto si daghigheh ye asr

Give Me This!

Ino be man bede!

I Love You!

Doset daram!

I Need A Doctor

Man be Dr ehtiaj daram

One, Two, Three

Yek/ do/ seh

Four, Five, Six

Chahar/ panj/ shesh

Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Haft / hasht/ noh/ dah