Travel to iran:Orumieh-Iran Cultural Attractions


Orumieh is located 18th kms. West of Orumieh Lake in a luxuriant plain. The weather in this city is cold in winters and moderate in the summers.

The latest archaeological discoveries in Orumieh indicate that the history of this region dates back to 2000 BC. Some historians believe that Orumieh is the birthplace of Zoroaster, the most famous Persian prophet.

There had been many historical sites and monuments in Orumieh, which were unfortunately destroyed, in some historical events and invasions of different tribes and clans. The most important historical and eye-pleasing places are as follows:  

Orumieh lake and its islands Kaboodan, Ashk, Arezoo and Espeer, Mineral waters of Zanbil, Church of Saint Thaddeus, Haftabeh and Qaynarjeh, and many other mosques and monuments.

Orumieh Lake


“The most beautiful blue” in the world is how people used to describe that water, which contains a concentration of salt almost as heavy as that of the Dead Sea. The ancient Persians called it the Royal Sea.